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Pierre Martinet’s company is the french salads market’s leader. Pierre Martinet (CEO) seeks solutions daily to entrance products and packaging oriented to meet consumer expectations.

Pierre martinet(CEO)

Pierre Martinet(CEO)

Our partners :

Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy***

Top chef, 3 stars in the Michelin Guide
Development recipes Consulting & Eating trends

Frédéric Saldman

Frédéric Saldman

Nutritional balance & food safety Consulting French Consumer Service

Some dates :

  • 1968: Pierre Martinet, Cooker.
  • 1977: Beginning of Pierre Martinet's industry
  • 1981: First exportations to Belgium and Switzerland.
  • 1990: Launching of the first salads range pre-packed.
  • 1992: Pierre Martinet provides salads for the Barcelona Olympics Games.
  • 1994: First TV advertising campaign in France. Creation of the brand Pierre Martinet.
  • 2005: Sales force takes place in Belgium and Italy.
  • 2007: Martinet Iberica subsidiary starts (Spain) and a new partnership is launched in Belgium.
  • 2011: Launching of the first Vegetables Smoothies in France, Spain, Belgium and Italy.
  • 2012: Launching of a new range of fresh Green Tea.
  • 2013: Launching of a new range of Gazpacho and a new salads range called Farandole.
More information !
Martinet 24 rue du Limousin BP 708 - 38 297 St Quentin Fallavier Cedex - FRANCE
Phone: (+00 33)4 74 94 42 35|
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